Oh I Love That Sangria Wine!

Jessica Dupuy Sangria Wine


We grew up listening to Jerry Jeff Walker. We love his music and to help us celebrate his life, we have been listening to his music a lot since we heard of his passing. And nothing goes better with his music than a glass of Sangria wine! Oh I love that Sangria wine!

Our friend and new wine club member, Jessica Dupuy, recently wrote a wonderful new cookbook, and in it she has a great recipe for Sangria wine. Her recipe starts with citrus and a seasonal fruit garnish. She typically uses a white and sparkling wine to make a Sangria Blanco, but this time she opted to use our "berry-licious" Sandy Road Vineyards Estate Petnat!

Jessica says that the key is to marinate your citrus in Tequila for a little while before stirring everything up. You can find the full recipe and many more in her new cookbook United Tastes of Texas. You can get a special signed copy of her cookbook on her website here.

If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate, raise a glass of Sangria wine and give a toast to Jerry Jeff Walker.

Jessica Dupuy Citrus

Jessica Dupuy - Sliced Citrus

Jessica Dupuy - Tequila

Jessica Dupuy - Sandy Road Vineyards Estate Petnat

Jessica Dupuy United Tastes of Texas

Photos courtesy of Jessica Dupuy


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