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Photo: (Left to Right) Reagan Sivadon, Kristina Quiroz Sivadon, Adrienne Chagoly, Bryan Chagoly

Sandy Road wine is the special project from long time associate winemaker at Ron Yates Wines and Spicewood Vineyards, Reagan Sivadon, and our family who have Sandy Road Vineyards in the Texas Hill Country near Hye, TX. Our wines are a creative blend of expert winemaking and passionate farming to grow the best Texas wines. 

Reagan and Ron are childhood best friends, and after years of working with his dad in construction, Reagan took the leap into wine and started working for Ron at Spicewood Vineyards in the vineyard and the cellar. Eventually, Reagan became associate winemaker under Todd Crowell, Head Winemaker. Together they are responsible for the production of all wines at Spicewood Vineyards and Ron Yates Wines.

After years of learning from the best, Reagan grew confident that he could create his own unique mark on Texas wine. In 2016, Reagan and our family started planting Sandy Road Vineyards in an effort to be able to shepherd the entire process of winemaking from working in the vineyard to crafting fine Texas wine in the cellar.

Sandy Road Vineyards is family owned and operated by our 2 native Texas families, Reagan and Kristina Sivadon, and Bryan and Adrienne Chagoly.  Adrienne and Kristina are sisters, and their family has owned the Dixon Ranch, where Sandy Road Vineyards is located, for almost 100 years.

Reagan and our family believe that the best wines are grown sustainably in the vineyard with respect, harvested by hand, and produced in small lots with the individual attention of the winemaker. Our mission is to bring the highest quality farming and winemaking to Texas wines and to continuously help raise your expectations for fine Texas wine.


"If you have ever traveled on Highway 290 towards Fredericksburg you will see a sign that says Sandy, which references the small “town” of Sandy, Texas. Growing up we would always turn on Sandy Road to go visit our grandmother on the family farm. In 1931, our great grandfather, Lonnie J. Dixon, purchased the ~100 acre farm and it has been in our family's care ever since. 

When we were young we loved going out to the farm to see the cows and play in the dirt. As we grew into teenagers and young adults our desires for the excitement of city life grew and we became less excited about traveling down Sandy Road.

A funny thing happens when you grow up and have your own kids. You want to share some of those experiences with your children. You enjoy sharing a piece of that history and more importantly making new memories on that same Sandy Road.

For us, Sandy Road is about coming home and more importantly passing a piece of this special land on to the next generation. We are excited for you to join us on this journey."

- Adrienne & Kristina
Sisters & Co-Owners
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