Sunset from the Porch

Sunset from the porch

I was sitting on the porch swing on the patio of our family’s 100 year house farm house looking west over the trees and rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country to the beautiful sunset that was lighting the sky on fire with orange and pink and yellow. I was sipping a nice red wine and feeling an overwhelming sense of calm and peace and place. I thought to myself that I would love to be able to live out here, or at least visit more. It was quiet except for the birds, it was warm except for the light cool breeze, and it was peaceful and centering. It was so different from my high energy fast paced life in the Austin tech scene. I wanted to capture that evening and take it with me, and I wanted my friends and family to be able to experience it. 

As I have gotten older, I have come to appreciate those moments much more. It’s the being out in nature and the quiet meditation that helps me re-energize. That’s one of the major reasons why we started spending more time out at the farm. It has been one of the best things for me and my family to be able to spend time together in nature, swim, fish in the river, work and play in the vineyard, feed the cows, and grow vegetables in the garden. It has brought us closer together and created so many memories that will last a lifetime.

It is these experiences and memories that we want to share with you and all of my friends. The Texas Hill Country is this amazing oasis just outside of Austin where you can get away from it all, create amazing experiences, drink amazing wine, and create new friendships and memories. I have fallen in love with it, and so many who visit catch the bug and fall in love too. I hope to meet you on the porch swing. I’ll bring the wine.


*UPDATE: This article was written PRE-COVID. Since then, we have had to close our onsite tastings due to the Governor's Executive Order. We hope to re-open soon. Please join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest news when we re-open. Also please support us by ordering wine online. It's delicious. Thanks and Cheers!

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