THIS IS TEXAS WINE podcast episode 59

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Thanks to the amazing Shelly Wilfong, I am the next guest on the THIS IS TEXAS WINE Podcast! Listen as I share behind the scenes details on my two Texas wine projects. I go into the history and background of Sandy Road Vineyards, our family estate vineyard in the Texas Hill Country, and I announce my new website Top Texas Wines.


Top Texas Wines is a new website that makes it easy for you to find the best new Texas wines. The website organizes and lists every 100% Texas Wine that has won a Gold medal in an international wine competition that is available for sale online and makes it easy for you to purchase that wine directly from the winery.


Each wine listed must be at least Texas designated, produced by a Texas winery, and have won a Gold medal in a blind judging at an international wine competition. That doesn't mean every great Texas wine is listed, but the ones that are on the site are probably pretty darn good, and you should give them a try. I hope you enjoy the podcast, and I hope it gets you even more excited about Texas wine and how fast the Texas wine industry is improving and growing. 

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