Thanksgiving Perfect Wine & Food Pairings

Thanksgiving food and wine pairing


We are asked so many times “What wine would you pair with ………?”

Here’s a little guidance when it comes to that wonderful Thanksgiving dinner you are about to prepare. We hope you find this useful.

 Greeting Family & Friends Before Dinner

Sandy Road Vineyards 2022 Petnat
This dry, naturally sparkling rosé is the perfect wine to great your guests with. It's fun, fruity and served in a Champagne flute, tickles the nose as well as the palate.


Stuffed Mushrooms, Melon and Prosciutto, Deviled Eggs, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Shrimp Cocktail, etc.


2021 Albarino

Sandy Road Vineyards 2021 Albarino
100% Albarino dry white high plains wine pairs well with various small bites before dinner. With notes of citrus, honeysuckle and apple, it compliments those food items that have short finishes.


Caesar, Italian, Pear with Feta, etc.

Sandy Road 2021 White Blend
This dry, elegant white blend of Marsanne and Roussanne is smooth and creamy on the palate. A perfect compliment to your salad plate.

Main Course

Roast or Smoked Turkey, Spiral Ham

Sandy Road Vineyards 2021 Rosé
Our Rosé is dry and crisp, yet has enough body to compliment your main course. This fun wine makes that heavy meal even more enjoyable.
Sandy Road Vineyards Good as Gone 2021
This is a light to medium bodied wine with notes of strawberry and cherry, with a hint of spice. For those red wine drinkers, this may be the ideal wine for dinner.


Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, etc.

Sandy Road 2021 White Blend
So many desserts are paired with a sweet wine such as Port or Madeira. Although our White Blend is not sweet, it is creamy enough to go well with many desserts. Give it a try!

Chocolate Cake

We have paired chocolate with this wine many times at the vineyard and our customers rave about how well they go together. You will be amazed!

We hope you enjoy the holiday with food, family and friends. Come by the vineyard to sample some of our new wine releases. They are all future award winners!

See you at the vineyard,


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